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Augmented Reality Map


This app makes use of the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance map navigation.The basic feature allows you to view nearby locations in the Google map. Clicking on the AR button will start the Augmented Reality (AR) View which gives you a better sense of the direction and distance of these locations. The AR Views make use of the camera view to overlay digital information of locations around you, according to the direction from your current location in the real world.
Current features of the app include:- Shows Nearby Locations in the Google Map- Augmented Reality View of Nearby Locations- Show Nearby Locations by type in the Google Map- Augmented Reality View of Nearby Locations by Type- Location Search- Favourite Places feature for you to save current and target locations- Group feature to logically group your favourite places. Maybe a group of related places such as favourite restaurants or places that form the way points of a route. - Sharing feature to share locations with your friends.